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for damage-prone hair is a next-generation hair care that focuses on your hair's potentials. Epitome of latest technology, it is fully equipped all the qualities of a professional hair care formula.
資生堂 PROSYNERGYプロシナジー

Treatment shampoo 1/2
300ml $31.00 680ml $60.00

Washes and clarifies hair to make the repair agents penetrate. Transform the damage-prone constitution of hair 1: For fine hair/soft hair 2: For thick hair/stiff hair

Treanment mask Ⅰ/Ⅱ
240g $37.00 680g $86.00

Changes the damage-prone constitution of hair and locks in treatment agents to maintain smooth hair. 1:Silky smooth finish 2:Moisturized, smooth finish

Multi Protective Lotion
150ml $33.00

Protects hair against damage caused by harmful daily UV rays, dryness, heat and oxidized sebum. Radically strengthens the cuticles and the cortex, and transforms the damage-prone constitution of hair.


Now there's a perfect way to redress thinning hair and regain hair volume and vibrant natural colour pigments in your hair!

Vita Voltage shampoo
300ml $34.00 1000ml $80.00

Shampoo contains Triple Synergy Surfactants for a mild cleansing effect while Arunica Montana and Zanthoxylum piper Fruit Extract. Complex act to retard falling hair and regain richer natural hair colour. Menthol and a Floral Green scent in shampoo add a refreshing and relaxing touch to hair and scalp after use.

Fuente Vita Voltage Treatment
240g $34.00 660g $80.00

A conditioner formulated with Arunica Montana and Zanthoxylum piper Fruit. Extract Complex to ensure hair stays fuller and richer in colour. Menthol and a Floral Green scent in conditioner give a refreshing and relaxing sensation to scalp and hair.

MedicatedVita Voltage
BLH 200ml $76.00 / TONIC H 150ml $42.00

BLH formulated with Zanthocylum piper Fruit Extract to prevent the outbreak of gray hair. Panax Ginseng Root Extract also helps to prevent thinning of hair and revitalize hair bulbs to grow thicker new hair.
TONIC H works in soothing the scalp with a minty sensation to reduce outbreaks of pimples on the scalp, redness of the scalp, itchy scalp from chemical hair services or solely sensitive scalp.


Heat protecting oil to prevent damage from the hair dryer and straightener by coating the layers of the hair shaft allowing the hair to remain soft with luster.The natural plant oil extracts penetrates deep into your hair giving your hair maximum hydration and protection!

Protect heat oil
L-HTP 80ml $36.00/ D-HTP 80ml $36.00

L-HPT Contained with Grapeseed Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil. Tea Seed Oil, it treats the hair fibers from within, and firmly protects hair against heat and other external damages. Spread with a light touch to give silky shine to hair.
D-HPT Contained with Grapeseed Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil, Tea Seed Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil and Olive Oil. An emollient effect that protects dehydrated, damaged hair against dryness and makes hair feel moist and smooth.

ARIMINO SHERPA (Home Care Series)

The SHERPA Home Care Series have shampoos and treatments that are made for protecting hair from the damage of daily life. These treatments are made for maintaining the hairstyle throughout the day. This series of treatments have different products according to different types of hair. This is a completely new hair design idea for home hair care.

TREATMENT D-1 250g $40.00

-Natural, Airly style-
・Soft & Fluffy style (short~medium)
・Soft, thin, tangle hair the 2 types of fake cuticles repair hair, keep moist & soft finish.

TREATMENT D-2 250g $40.00

-Healthy shine & Bouncy style-
・Shiny : Moist style (short ~medium)
・Bouncy : Soft & Fluffy style (semi long ~long)
・Normal : tangle hair
PPT settled into damage part, and plant oil coat cuticle & keep shiny & bouncy style.

TREATMENT D-3 250g $40.00

-Moisturizing to the tips, ruly hair-
・Moist : Moist style (semi long ~long)
・Thick, hard, coarse hair
Phytosterol derivative go inside hair & repair between CMC, Moisturizing to the tips & Volume down.


Daily care “After Treatment” keeping style while protecting from damage factors.
Repair Mist 200ml $40.00 Fine mist quickly permeate inside, makes smooth & sleek hair.
For Normal~light damage, Tangle tips
Repair Foam 150ml $40.00 Penetrating foam makes hair soft & silky.
For Light~middle damage, Dry tips
Repair Milk 120g $43.00 Milk creates tight seal around hair, makes moist hair.
For Middle~high damage, Coarse tips